Why Check Your Air Bags

Ensure Your Air Bags Are Not Expired or Expiring Soon — And Well Maintained


Well maintained and non-expired air bags are paramount to ensure your crew’s safety at an accident or deployment scene — and your victim(s)!


Don’t risk liability if your air bags fail because they are expired or poorly maintained.

Best Equipped

Replace you expiring, expired or decommissioned air bags with more powerful bags providing best-in-class lifting/shifting power, safety features and ease of use.

100% Confidence

Always know your air bag equipment is ready for service when you need it most. Stay on top of care, maintenance, storage and replacement timing.

Replace on Time

Always replace your bags when they are expired, the bag is leaking air, the bag malfunctions or there are major surface cuts or abrasions exposing reinforcement layers.

Did You Know?

Save your department/company from potential failure at the most critical time — ensure your bags are inspected regularly and replaced at or prior to their expiration date.

Quick Air Bag Maintenance Tips

These tips may also be helpful for other brand air bags — but always check your specific brand’s operating, training and maintenance documentation.
  • Don't drag or drop the nipple area

  • Remove all dirt, sand, grit, etc. from quick connect couplings and nipples

  • Do not use any petroleum based product to clean components

  • Thoroughly inspect and prepare bag for their next use before being placed in storage

  • Keep the exterior of all components clean of all dirt, grit, oil and grease accumulations

  • Protect from any extreme environmental conditions where blowing dust, sand, grit and other similar materials could cause damage

Trade-In Special Offer

You wouldn’t drive an emergency apparatus on 15 year old tires…. why would you take the chance on outdated air bags? Ditch your old, beat up air bags for the SUPERIOR LIFT and SHIFT capabilities of the MAXIFORCE® G2 bags! Trade in any qualifying bags to receive 20% off the purchase of new MAXIFORCE® G2 bags, competitor bags welcome!