Trade In Any Brand Air Lifting Bag

Trade in any qualifying bags to receive 20% off the purchase of new MAXIFORCE® G2 bags, competitor bags welcome!

You wouldn’t drive an emergency apparatus on 15 year old tires…. why would you take the chance on outdated air bags? Ditch your old, beat up air bags for the SUPERIOR LIFT and SHIFT capabilities of the MAXIFORCE® G2 bags!

How Do I Get Started?

  1. Download our Trade in Quote Request form.
  2. Take photos of your existing bags (including clear shots of serial numbers)
  3. Submit the completed form and photos to

Questions? Not sure what to do?
Email [email protected] or call our customer service team at 1-800-435-9358 or 815-469-3911

MAXIFORCE® G2: Lift and Shift Like No Other Bag

  • Highly Visible Centering and Capacity Markers on All 4 Corners and Middle Edges of Each Bag
  • Protected Recessed Air Inlet Constructed of 3, Aramid Fiber Reinforced, Neoprene Layers
  • Lift and Shift From 1.5 Tons/1.3 Metric Tons to 89 Tons/80.9 Metric Tons
  • Interlocking Surface Paratech Manufactured Control Equipment
  • 14 Different Sizes
  • Extremely Durable Eyelets on 10 Different Bags
  • Customizable Kits